Kevin is an Air Force Combat Veteran, husband, father, and small business owner.  He is currently serving in his final term on the Mesa City Council. 

About kevin

Kevin’s public service started early.  At the age of 19, he joined the United States Air Force.   After Basic Training and Tech School, he married his wife Donna and was promptly relocated to England. While stationed in England, Kevin was deployed to the middle east for Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm.   After returning to England, he received follow-on orders to Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada.   While stationed at Nellis, Kevin began working on a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering.   He received an Honorable Discharge in 1996, and spent the next two years finishing his degree at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

About ME

After graduation, Kevin went to work for Southwest Gas and was transferred to Mesa, Arizona.  He spent 17 years in various departments, including Engineering and Government Relations. After seeing the good and bad of politics, Kevin decided to run for City Council in Mesa. In August 2014, he was elected to his first term as a Councilmember. He was re-elected in 2018 and is currently in his final year on Council.

Kevin has served the citizens of Mesa at the national stage as Chair of the National League of Cities Economic Development Committee, American Public Gas Associations Public Policy Committee, at the State level as immediate past President of the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, and at the local level on many non-profit boards.

About ME

Kevin and Donna have been married for 34 years.  They both worked their way through college prior to having children.  Donna's degree is in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing.  She is a full time photographer specializing in Weddings and college and high school seniors.  Both of their kids have attended college in Arizona.  

About ME

Government’s first priority is to protect its citizens. I want to bring that same spirit to the Corporation Commission. We need responsible leaders that are willing to protect the consumers, protect the businesses, and ensure Arizona always maintains a reliable energy grid. We need to push back against California style energy policies and Green New Deal style policies that are trying to find their way into Arizona, and I have the experience and record of fighting against bad policy.

About ME

I have always felt that Government today does not truly represent the people. For the past eight years as an elected official,  I have fought for the citizens of Mesa.    Now I want to use my experience to represent the citizens of Arizona to ensure the consumers are protected and our energy grids remain reliable.  As an America First and Arizona First Candidate, my positions are to...                                      
                     -  Eliminate Mandates and Subsidies
                          *  Mandates and Subsidies are driving up our rates
                     -  Put policy making into the Legislature where it belongs
                          *   A simple majority of three Commissioners should not be making energy policy for                                 the entire State
                         *   The Legislature will provide  rural communities a voice they  don't currently have.
                     -  Clear regulation for new Energy technologies to come to Arizona
                         *   New technologies like Micro- Nuclear.

My running mate for the second open Corporation Commission seat is Nick Myers. 

Why I'm running.....

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Together, they have an impressive group of Endorsements as well as Organizations who have placed them on their "Golden Tickets."   

My Running Mate for the Corporation Commission is Nick Myers

-  Arizona Constitutional Conservatives for Proper Government
-  Arizona Police Association
-  Arizona Republican Assembly
-  Great State Alliance 
-  Home Builders Association of Central Arizona
-  MAGA Arizona
-  Mesa Police Association
-  Republican Liberty Caucus of Arizona
-  Sons of Liberty Riders
-  Tea Party AZ

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